Heroes of the Storm Overview

I have been playing this game for around two months, after receiving a beta key from Blizzard.

The game is very different from the classic DotA map and even compared to LoL or DotA 2.
The gameplay is more focused on teamplay, you can’t really gank like we did in the old DotA or play solo on lanes, your main focus is to get XP for your team and also to win the mini-games from the map that you’re playing.

The best things about HoS are the heroes. We can play the famous Warcraft characters like Uther, Muradin, Arthas. However, most of the heroes are just not fun.

You can find a Muradin gameplay video to understand how this game works.

Heroes of the Storm is still in beta. Blizzard needs to fix a lot of stuff and make the game more fun.
Right now, the games are not very balanced, meaning that a team can easily win and a player can’t do anything, which is very frustrating.

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Download DotA 6.81d

A new map was released, correcting just a few bugs.

You can download DotA 6.81d from here, fast mirror, 7.89 megabytes.

What is interesting about the latest maps is that there are versions for different languages.

There are actually 16 languages. Some texts, buildings, buttons are renamed, but if you understand English, you should not bother.

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Download DotA 6.81b

DotA 6.81b was released on 2 August, bringing just tweaks for heroes. There are no new heroes or items, and neither map changes.

These are the gameplay and cosmetic changes, the full changelog with the hero tweaks can be checked on this page: playdota.com/changelogs/6.81b.

– Roshan base armor increased by 1.
– Melee illusions created by a Rune of Illusion take 200% instead of 300% damage.
– Random Draft hero selection pool increased from 22 to 24.

You can download the map from here, fast mirror, 7.88 Mb.

After one day, DotA 6.81c was released, you can download it from here.

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Download DotA 6.81c

There is a new DotA version available, version 6.81c.

The map was released on 3 August. You can download it from here, fast mirror, 7.9Mb. This is the English version of the map.

Compared to 6.81b, the map is just fixing some various bugs that appeared on that version.

If the playerbase won’t encounter any other bugs, 6.81c could last until December, as it happened with the previous map released last summer.

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Download DotA 6.81b AI (unofficial version)

Some fans from China have released a new AI map, version 6.81b.

You can download the map from here, fast mirror. It has 7 mb.

After testing it, it looks like the text is in Chinese language and since Warcraft 3 is in English, you won’t see any tooltips. However, if you already know everything about heroes and items, you won’t really need the tooltips.

Check the quest and the log buttons (when playing the game). I haven’t managed to make AI heroes to appear. Maybe you will have more luck if you digg more into the console commands.

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DotA 6.79 AI won’t be realeased soon

It looks like the developers that have worked to the previous DotA AI maps have retired. You can check this topic from the official playdota.com forums (you need an account to access the page).

Taken from that topic:
“The 6.78 AI farewell, will be the last map for the next 3 years I guess. Someone should re-code it because I tried looking at the code, I have no idea of the declared variables and without the knowledge of the makers of “farewell”. I think it will be really farewell as for now.”

There has been a few months since the last AI map was released (January), the initial developers haven’t said a word since then. There are a few raw maps posted on the official 6.78c AI forum thread that should be used for further development.

You might find some 6.79 AI maps on the web but those are not recognized officially by the community and they might be full of bugs.
The latest AI map is DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e, you can download it from here.

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How to download and play DotA 2 in 5 steps

Step 1: Install Steam client from here: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ (free).

Step 2: Run Steam. From the “Store” tab, write “DotA” in the search bar. Click on “DotA 2”.

Step 3: From the DotA 2 page, click on “play game” > choose where you want to install the game on your PC > next > wait for the game to download. Close that window if you see a button called “finish”. Click on “Library” > all games. Notice DotA 2 downloading in the left side. The game has around 2 gigabytes so be patient.

Step 4: Once the game was downloaded and installed, click the “play” button in order to start the game.

Step 5: Once the game was launched, click on the “play” tab > click on “find a match” from the left panel > click on “Find Match” from the center of the UI.



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