Heroes of the Storm Overview

I have been playing this game for around two months, after receiving a beta key from Blizzard.

The game is very different from the classic DotA map and even compared to LoL or DotA 2.
The gameplay is more focused on teamplay, you can’t really gank like we did in the old DotA or play solo on lanes, your main focus is to get XP for your team and also to win the mini-games from the map that you’re playing.

The best things about HoS are the heroes. We can play the famous Warcraft characters like Uther, Muradin, Arthas. However, most of the heroes are just not fun.

You can find a Muradin gameplay video to understand how this game works.

Heroes of the Storm is still in beta. Blizzard needs to fix a lot of stuff and make the game more fun.
Right now, the games are not very balanced, meaning that a team can easily win and a player can’t do anything, which is very frustrating.