Download Warcraft III TFT patch 1.27a

This patch is currently required if you want to play on

You can download the patch from here, it has 56.9 MB.

However, you should not install it if you play on a different service that still runs with 1.26, like Garena or others.

About the patch, Blizzard said that this patch is fixing compatibility issues with modern computers.

Warcraft 3 still runs on very high resolutions.

How to install patch 1.27a? Just download the file and then run it. It will auto-install by itself.

If you still can’t play on, download their installer from here, unzip it, run the installer and then try to run the game from the icon called “xpam”. Good luck.

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Download DotA 6.77c

There is a new map available since today, DotA 6.77c.

The new map doesn’t bring many changes, just some minor tweaks for some items and abilities.

It is still good that the old map project isn’t abandoned now that everyone can play DotA 2 on Steam.

Download DotA 6.77c from here, fast mirror, 7.8 mb.

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Download Garena client

This is the latest garena client, a software that connects the DotA players and allows them to play.

A short tutorial of how to play on Garena.

Go to and create an username, install their client, go to “settings” and add the Warcraft 3 shortcut.

Start the Garena client, enter a room, “russian” if you are from Russia for example, and press “play game”. Inside the Warcraft 3 main menu, go to “Network” and a some games will appear. Join one.

This is a great way to play DotA because there is no lag, there is even a leveling system.

To play on Garena, you usually need the latest Warcraft 3 patch.


Download the Garena client from here.

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