DotA AI Maps

Download DotA 6.81b AI (unofficial version)

Some fans from China have released a new AI map, version 6.81b.

You can download the map from here, fast mirror. It has 7 mb.

After testing it, it looks like the text is in Chinese language and since Warcraft 3 is in English, you won’t see any tooltips. However, if you already know everything about heroes and items, you won’t really need the tooltips.

Check the quest and the log buttons (when playing the game). I haven’t managed to make AI heroes to appear. Maybe you will have more luck if you digg more into the console commands.

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Download DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e

This is the latest DotA AI map released. It dates from 5-6 months ago and some users from the official forums are saying that it will be the last one.

Usually an update was coming within a month since the release of a new official DotA map. But that was not the case for DotA 6.79.

You can download DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e from here, fast mirror. The map has almost 7 megabytes. This version was developed by Green_Sliche.

The problem with the AI map is that most of the lately versions have been coded by different developers and is pretty hard to code a new map by using the code of other devs.

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