Download DotA 6.83d

After three months, we have a new update for the map that is just “fixing an exploit”.

So there is nothing new for now.

You can download the map from here, it has 7.83 Mb, fast mirror.

Since the map is just fixing an exploit, there is a good chance that it won’t be followed by a new one very soon, unless the developers will think it’s time to add new things like heroes or items.

Anyway, enjoy your summer!

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7 Reasons why Heroes of the Storm is a fail

Heroes of the Storm was released a few years ago, it was fun at start but soon people realized that it is a total failure.

Here are 7 reasons why this game is a total failure.

1. RNG.
Like Hearthstone, Blizzard made Heroes of the Storm to be based on RNG. Quick Matches are terrible because of the RNG. The heroes from your team, vs the heroes from the enemy team are random. There is no pick mode in quick matches. You could face 2 tanks and 3 strong dps as 5 squishy heroes. And the game already is 90% win in favour of the enemy team.

Sometimes you just want to pick a hero and play it, but the RNG is terrible.

2. Games are too fast.
A game usually lasts for 10-15 minutes. They feel like they don’t even matter. After a game, you feel some sort of fatigue, you can start a new game but you know that you will do the same thing all over again. If the first game felt a bit fun because you didn’t played for a certain amount of hours or days, the second game doesn’t seem to be appealing at all.

3. Heroes are not overpowered.
Heroes don’t have overpowered abilities. They basically can’t solo any player, unless they play a high assassin vs a very squishy hero. There are no 1v1 duels based on skill. There are no overpowered flashy ultimate abilities. Because of that, it seems unfair and not fun at all. Not even near the end of the game when the heroes are at max level. Heroes should feel very powerful, but they don’t. This is also due to the next point.

4. No items and nothing in the background.
Having items is not casual friendly. But that would have improved the game quite a lot, adding some form of complexity. A reason to play a second game after the first. Maybe you didn’t had enough time to get a certain item combo. Or you want to try a different item combination.
With no items, no complexity, the second, third game and so on will be the same as the first one.
Blizzard could have found a casual way to add and use items in the game.

5. Too many maps.
Maybe you don’t like a certain map or two. Like in World of Warcraft, in battlegrounds. You can queue for a certain battleground (map). You can’t do that in Heroes of the Storm.
It would be nice to give the players this option, even if the queue will be longer if they pick a certain map.
There are times when a new map is getting released. You might have to play 10 games and that map still doesn’t pop up.

6. No heroic games.
Since heroes don’t feel powerful, there are no end game heroic moments. I remember playing DotA Warcraft many years ago and we were 2 players vs 5. We managed to defend the base for 30 minutes / 1 hour. Managing to do a heroic defence. That felt powerful and real compared to what we have in Heroes of the Storm. There is no balance and because of that the game is all the time in favour for a team.

You either win flawlessly or you lose flawlessly, you get hammered to the point that you don’t even want to play the game anymore. If you win a game, 80% of the time it feels that it was because of RNG, and not based on skill at all. It’s not rewarding.

7. The interface, the graphic style don’t seem that great.
Compared to the Warcraft 3 interface, the graphic level design, Heroes of the Storm is much worse.
The style doesn’t seem very cozy or friendly like the Warcraft 3 style is.
They could have come with a lot of different styles, but the current one is just boring.

And I could continue to talk about the heroes having classes, no rewards after winning a game, no sense of progression, skins don’t matter, mounts don’t matter, that you can’t really improve at the game, it all relies on RNG, the fact that having SF and Fantasy universe heroes/maps don’t really match and it looks weird and unpleasant.

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DotA 6.83e will never come out, 6.83d is the last version

DotA 6.83d was released on 10 June 2015, 3 years ago.

Icefrog and all the developing team have moved over to DotA 2, to have better control over the game mechanics, not be limited by the Warcraft 3 editor anymore.

And why not, to make profit from the game, since Warcraft DotA was a simple Warcraft 3 map.

Since then, the official website has been abandoned, it still runs but it only displays the latest DotA map version, without anything else being there.

Some other developers have started to develop new maps, based on 6.83d, but the Warcraft DotA map fame has faded over time.

Very few still play this game that was insanely good at some point in time.

There are still servers and places where people can play the game,,, Garena and so on.

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Download Warcraft III TFT patch 1.27a

This patch is currently required if you want to play on

You can download the patch from here, it has 56.9 MB.

However, you should not install it if you play on a different service that still runs with 1.26, like Garena or others.

About the patch, Blizzard said that this patch is fixing compatibility issues with modern computers.

Warcraft 3 still runs on very high resolutions.

How to install patch 1.27a? Just download the file and then run it. It will auto-install by itself.

If you still can’t play on, download their installer from here, unzip it, run the installer and then try to run the game from the icon called “xpam”. Good luck.

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Download DotA 6.85k

It’s been almost a year since the last release of an official DotA map. That was DotA 6.83d.

Looking on the official DotA forums, it seems that the fans have lost hope for a new WC3 map released by Icefrog.

Icefrog is currently developing DotA 2 with Valve. Nobody knows for sure if a new WC DotA map will ever exist in the future.

However, there is a new map developed by another fan and forum user from, “DracoLich”.

DracoLich has been working on a DotA version and his latest map is called DotA v6.85k Allstars.

I’ve noticed that there are players who play this version on Not sure about other servers.

So if you guys want to try this map, you can download it from here. It has 7 Megabytes, fast download.

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Download DotA 6.83c

Finally, after around two weeks, we have a final release for DotA 6.83c.

You can download the final map from here, it has 7.83 mb, fast mirror.

This map is cutting the “beta” from its title. It was actually the first time when a DotA map had a “beta” in its title.

Regarding the map, there are no new heroes or items, but there are a lot of changes for the game’s mechanics and hero tweaks.

Hopefully there won’t be another few months until a new map gets released. And as a side note, Icefrog is still the main developer for the map.

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Download DotA 6.83c Beta 2

Out of nowhere, we have a new map named DotA 6.83c Public Beta (test).

You can download the map from here, fast mirror, it has 7.83 Mb (this is the test 1 map).
And here is the newest, map, 6.83c Public Beta 2. Download link here, 7.83 Mb.

The changelog and any other information is missing from both and, so you will have to visit their forums or try the map to see exactly what is new.

Probably, this map is for testing and could contain bugs, it’s actually the first map to be released in the beta version (for testing). A final version could be released in a few days.

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